About Us

Established 10 years, Net Trading Solutions Ltd is a technology company that primarily operates leading professional services and networking portals that include Manchester Professionals, London Professionals and newly launched national site, Professionals UK. There are 15,746 members in the UK.

Our goal is to become the largest and most visited portals for finding professionals and enabling professionals to make new contacts. International versions are to launch soon.

We are passionate about developing our people, client relationships and our platform’s purpose for connecting businesses and individuals with suitable professionals.



About our Products

Professional Services Portals

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Our portals are designed to source the most suitable professional service for businesses and individuals across the UK or within a geographic region.

The quality of professionals are reflected by the profile pages, displaying their expertise, experience, qualifications, testimonials and case studies.

Professionals actively contribute with meaningful and topical articles, updates and events. Weekly newsletters provide key industry updates and insights.

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Networking for Professionals

The regional portals and Professionals UK also serve as a networking service for professionals to develop new clients, contacts and referrals.

SMEs, corporates and individuals register to network and connect with professionals. Enquiries can be generated from all members and public website visitors.

Posts such as articles, updates and events are shared with the whole group and website visitors. Weekly newsletters promote useful and appropriate contents.

Connect with industry sectors and receive updates on relevant new members.

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